Vote for Spotiseek in “The Spotties” – Win Three Months Spotify Premium

News February 25th, 2010 @ 16:02

Another happy announcement: Spotiseek has been nominated in two categories in “The Spotties: Spotify Community Site Awards 2010“!

Spotiseek nominated in two categories

The Spotties are set up by the hard-working Afront from Pansentient League and is divided into a set of various categories:

  • Best Playlist Sharing site
  • Best News or Music Finder Site
  • Best Playlist Generator or Converter (Spotiseek nominated)
  • Best Other Site or App
  • Best Remote Control App
  • Best URL Tool
  • Best Overall (Spotiseek nominated)

Win 3 months of Spotify Premium

Voting gives you a chance to win a 3-month Spotify Premium subscription, so there’s enough reason to spend a minute or two and put down your vote. And, of course, you should vote for Spotiseek as “Best Playlist Generator or Converter” and “Best Overall“… ;-)

Now get in there and vote!