Spotiseek now available on iPhone

News August 27th, 2011 @ 11:08

Spotiseek has been growing steadily since it first saw daylight in late 2009. As the smartphones – in particular the iPhone and Android – are growing rapidly, I figured it might be time for Spotiseek to take the step in to the mobile world as well. I keep finding myself sitting on the bus, looking to find new music for Spotify. This is why I’ve developed Spotiseek for iPhone; an easy-to-use app that gives you suggestions on new Spotify music.

Key features in Spotiseek for iPhone

The iPhone app has got the main features of the regular Spotiseek web application:

  • Discover new music similar to that of your favourite artists or what others like
  • Play tracks and show artists or albums in the Spotify app
  • Spotiseek keeps track of what music you like and don’t like

The app differs slightly from the web application:

  • Tracks are played one at a time: discover a track, listen to it and return to Spotiseek for more goodies.
  • Learn the iPhone app what kind of music you want: once you’ve played a track, it won’t show up again. And if you don’t like a particular artist (or have already discovered it before), you can just hide the artist from future searches.

Available in the App Store at only $0.99

The first version of the iPhone app contains the essentials when it comes to finding new music, but it is likely to get more good stuff added as time goes by, should you keep suggesting new, cool features.
Spotiseek for iPhone is priced at only $0.99 (the lowest price tier), so go get your copy right now and find yourself some new, awesome music! :)
As usual, your feedback is highly valued! Please drop me a line or get in touch on Twitter if you’ve got any questions or concerns.
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