Metacritic album reviews make it to Spotiseek

News January 20th, 2010 @ 08:01

I’m always looking for new ways of helping you find new music for Spotify. There are of course a number ways of doing this, where the ‘similar artists mixtape’ and the top lists were my first attempts.

Enter, album reviews

Yesterday, I added the first set of album reviews to Spotiseek. The reviews are collected from the great review site Metacritic.
Metacritic use up to 45 sources for their music reviews, such as Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and Billboard. All these sources make up to a rating called Metascore (0-100) of the album, giving you a good understanding of what the critics thought of it.

More improvements to come

The album review section at Spotiseek is – as you might notice – an early version, and only displays reviews added the past few days. There will be a lot of improvements made on this area, such as improving the style and layout of the reviews (e.g. add album cover) and presenting more reviews from the past.

(Please note that you can only see reviews of albums available in Spotify in your country.)

Do you like the idea?

I hope you’ll like the idea of album reviews on Spotiseek – I’m as usual very interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

Keep your eyes open for more Spotiseek improvements ahead! :-)