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Saturday, December 26th, 2009 @ 14:53 | Follow comments

The feedback section has been integrated with Get Satisfaction and moved to

You can also visit the Spotiseek community on Get Satisfaction.

Thank you!

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20 Responses to “Give Feedback”

  1. Steve says:

    A Blatant ripoff of congratulations on copying someone elses idea.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the comment!

    Sure, I was inspired by Spotibot, as well as from other API mashup sites. Mashing up this kind of API:s is not exactly unique…
    Spotibot is a great tool, but the idea is to make something even better and find an own niche.

  3. Paul says:

    I can’t get it to work – I can’t drag the icon thing to Spotify. What am I doing wrong?

  4. admin says:

    Hey Paul! Have you tried dragging it to the Play Queue or a playlist?

  5. Karl Bonar says:

    Great concept – but seems a little futile as any band I put in turns up empty and I’m talking BIG bands like Foo Fighters. U2 brings back a U2 song and some other track??

  6. admin says:

    Thank you Karl!

    The reason isn’t that the bands are missing, but unfortunately due to the current heavy load on the servers (d’oh!).
    There are some limitations as to how many concurrent searches that can be made to check for music in Spotify… At the moment, this results in empty results, as I hadn’t had a chance to improve the error handling yet.

    Please try again now or in a little while (clear your browser cache if it doesn’t work).

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but I hadn’t counted on this many users to access the site… :)

  7. Simon Grant says:

    Would be good if you could import the playlist directly via your mobile, without having to access your desktop… Is this doable or am I missing something…?

  8. admin says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Simon!
    Are you talking about adding the tracks to Spotify Mobile, or through Remote desktop applications?

    It’s possible to play single tracks or albums with Spotify Mobile, at least if you’re using an Android (iPhone has no support for this as of today). I’m looking to implementing some kind of mobile access ahead, but I haven’t decided exactly what it should be…

  9. sushi-codeur says:

    The drag’n'drop thing is fun but not so handy. Why not proposing a link we could simply click as an alternative ?

    Concerning the music selection made, I must say that was far better than the one your tool is currently proposing. As a discovery service, you should propose to exclude the given artist. If one’s looking for track similar to – let’s say McFerrin – it’s probably that he already know it. Having the third of the selection proposing McFerrin himself or band he played in is not so interesting. In my own point of view.

  10. admin says:

    Thank you for the feedback!

    Yes, I agree, clicking would be easier, but that is currently not possible due to technical restrictions from the Spotify software end. Hopefully, Spotify will support that in a coming version of their client.

    Good point about the multiple occurrences of the same artists. I’ve seen that myself and will be looking to refine the search further on.

  11. David Kemp says:

    Bizarrely this site gives different (better/more) mix tapes on my work PC than from my home PC. My work PC doesn’t have spotify on it or the scrobbler, and the connection goes out through a proxy server, so I don’t know if either or spotify are doing something based on either my accounts or my location. Very strange.

  12. esset says:

    Yes, that does sound very strange… It could be some kind of caching issue, i.e. that your home PC would have some erroneous versions of the tracks cached?
    A long shot, but try clearing the cache on the home PC.

    What artist did you search for?

    Thanks for the feedback!

  13. How come I get alot of tracks when I search for “Scritti Politti” on my work proxy with IE, but only three tracks on my home computer with Chrome?

  14. esset says:

    Hi Daniel,
    Try clearing the cache on your home computer and search again. Could be a caching issue remaining from yesterday, when I didn’t have proper error handling implemented.

    (I get 16+ results when searching Scritti Politti.)

  15. Hi, thank’s for a great site and service. I waited for something like this to show up. The most interesting with Spotiseek is the integration with api. And we all know why we use, yes, because of the fabulous suggestions of new band/artists! My suggestion for Spotiseek is to implement a feature that make it possible for me to get the same suggestions gives me when I’m logged in on The suggestions that Spotify shows is really bad and can’t be compared to the ones that gives.

  16. esset says:

    Thank you for the feedback and suggestion!

  17. Rob New says:

    Great idea.

    How do you drag and drop on Mac? Not working for me on Safari or FF.

  18. esset says:

    Hi Rob,

    I’ve added an option to copy and paste a text into your Spotify Play queue (or a playlist) if the drag-and-drop doesn’t work.
    Hope that sorts it out!